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September 28, 2018

Pirate's Nightmare

Pirate's Nightmare

There were a lot of changes to the battle engine and troubleshooting that forced me to cut missions and a boss. I feel bad, but I'd feel worse not releasing at all. Features/content that were cut this week are planned to be released next week.

New Features/Changes

  • Achievements
    • Nightmare Captain Shoggoth's Head
  • 2v1 Boss
    • Nightmare Captain Shoggoth
  • Armors - Located on Ishmael
    • Darkspawn Husk
    • Kartherax Husk
  • Styles
    • Kartherax’s Darkspawn CC 
    • Kartherax CC

Balance Changes

  • 2v2 matching restrictions tightened at the high end
    • 36 can match 32 - 40
    • 37 can match 33 - 41
    • 38 can match 34 - 42
    • 39 can match 35 - 43
    • 40 can match 36 - 45
    • 41 can match 37 - 45
    • 42 can match 38 - 45
    • 43 can match 39 - 45
    • 44 can match 39 - 45
    • 45 can match 40+
  • Bounty Hunter
    • Massacre: Improves with every 8 Technology; Health gain reduced to 20% 
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Massacre: Improves with every 8 Technology; Health gain reduced to 20%
  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Toxic Grenade: +20 damage to all levels
  • Cores
    • Eternal Enhance: Stat buff increased to +3 for all stats
  • Bots
    • Botanical Borg: Spore Bombardment now deflectable
    • Pirate Bot P/E: AOE stun working; Special now one-time use per battle


Remember, the Heroic Housing contest is still underway, but it's nearly complete! There's still a few days to enter if you're the procrastinating type! The complete rules can be found in this post!

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September 24, 2018

EpicDuel Testers Wanted

Testers Wanted!

EpicDuel Team Searching for New Testers!

Since resuming development of EpicDuel in May, EpicDuel has been relying on a few generous mods and remaining testers to help get the releases out. Since many of these assistants have other roles and real life obligations, we have some blind spots in testing which we can only remedy with a dedicated testing team!


Think you have what it takes? We are looking for someone who is:

  • Experienced (this does NOT mean you have to have 5 level 40 Legendary characters)
  • Knowledgeable (you should know how all the various parts of the game play)
  • A good communicator (if you cannot explain the bug you've experienced, we cannot fix it)
  • Available (if you'll only have time to pop in for an hour or two, this is not for you) 
  • Easy to work with (our testers work hard and have fun. Since this is a volunteer position, we want everyone to enjoy what they do and who they work with. Even if you are an amazing, reliable tester, you can and will be booted for having a bad attitude.)

We will be looking at your EpicDuel account history, AE account history, social networking and forum accounts if you have them, and arranging a Discord interview to talk individually with potential candidates.


Want to apply? Here is what you need to do:

  1. 1. Send an e-mail to AEContributors@battleon.com with the subject line EPICDUEL TESTER APPLICATION
    If your e-mails subject line says anything except EPICDUEL TESTER APPLICATION then the filters will automatically delete it. Attention to detail is essential.
  2. Include your real name, age, and 
  3. Include your country of residence.
  4. Include your EpicDuel character name and email address
  5. Include your Master Account name and email address tied to the master account.
  6. Include your Forum account name and email address if you have a forum account.
  7. Include why you want to be a tester for EpicDuel and what you hope to accomplish in this role.
  8. Include all Languages you speak/read.
  9. Include a Resume (C.V.)  *please note we'd like the resume in English.

You must be at least 18 years old to be considered for this position. No exceptions.

One application per person. We will read and consider all applications, but cannot reply to them all.  If you are chosen to go through a further interview, we will contact you by e-mail. If we do not respond, we want to thank you for being awesome enough to volunteer! We are not obligated to explain why you were not accepted for the role. Applications close WEDNESDAY, October 10th. We hope to accept around 5 testers but this can change based on quality of applications. We will begin contacting applicants we are interested in as soon as possible, but please understand it takes time to manually review and vet candidates. Contacting staff about your application status will not help your chances.


Position Details

Please note that this is an unpaid position but does come with the in-game ED Tester achievement, currency allowance, certain items upon request, and the chance to test game content as we develop it before release and invaluable experience with a honest-to-goodness gaming company which will look good on ANY future resumes.

Thanks, good luck and Duel On!

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September 21, 2018

Call Me Ishmael

More pirate loot!

This is a light, but filling release as we introduce new bots, new auxiliaries and new vehicles. How will these new bots and core fit into your strategy? Find out soon! Next week will see a broader release with more balance changes, new armors, and new challenging missions!

New Features/Changes

  • New items are located in Ishamel's Shop in the West Naval Yard!
  • Bots
    • Pirate Bot P/E: Naval Barrage skill is an AOE attack with a 25% chance to stun/crit
  • Vehicles
    • Dark Kraken Carver
    • Kraken Carver CC
  • Auxiliary
    • Ishmael’s Impaler P/E: Poison Barbs core inflicts incurable poison of 50 damage for 3 turns. This unique poison cannot be cleansed or cured, but doesn't overlap with other poisons.

Balance Changes

  • Underdog - The community seems divided on whether or not Underdog buffs are too strong and in need of nerfs or necessary to compete against Legendary opponents. This week, we'll try a nerf to impact first strike and stats slightly. Next week, we'll try to follow it up with tighter matching in high-level 2v2.
    • Support buff removed from all levels to reduce chance of first strike and reduce impact of the buff overall

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September 12, 2018



Stange weapons have washed up the stranger tides of the West Naval Yard, as the mysterious pirate from another realm, Esprit d'Cour, offers the denizens of Delta V spoils from his personal stash.

Bye Bye Big Varium

As of the newest update, 18K Varium promotion will ends. Deals like this don't come around often, so take advantage of this great value while you can!


Shoggoth’s Stash Arcade shop is now available at all ArcadeBots throughout Delta V! Will you be the first to catch the unique gold prize?


Earn those blue, red, or platinum stars with 3 new achievements! 


Legendary Big Tuna and Legendary Captain Shoggoth are joining the roster of nearly unbeatable NPCs to test your skill a strategy. Plus, it's a great way to earn rating points! 


  • Bounty Hunter - BHs still appear to be outclassed by Mages. Smoke has been improved to increase damage output.
    • Smoke Screen: Improves with every 3 Tech.
  • Tactical Mercenary - Tac Mercs need lots of help, so these buff are intended to increase survivability and damage output.
    • Field Commander: Added +10% crit chance; goes up by 3 Strength points per skill level
    • Frenzy: +8% health gain per level
    • Toxic Grenade: +5 damage per level; 100% damage; -10 energy cost
  • Mercenary
    • Adrenaline Rush: +5% rage gain per level
  • Bots
    • Infernal Android P and E price increase to 35000 Credits and 1495 Varium. These bots are way too good to be as cheap as they were.
    • Infernal Android PxE (Physical main attack, energy special)
    • Internal Android ExP (Energy main attack, physical special)
    • Kartherax’s Darkspawn: Curse of Kartherax duration reduced to 2, inflicts 100% damage on initial strike
    • Pyro Fly: Picks from the target's top 4 skills instead of 3
    • Botanical Borg/Dark Botanical Borg: Reduced defense ignore on Spore Bombardment to 10%


This update features 16 nightmarish, nautical styles for all classes and genders. At long last, you can turn your head into an eldritch nightmare! You did want that, didn't you? 


This update will also feature dozens of new weapons available at Esprit d'Cour! Some of these are also available through the Arcade, but if you don't like games of chance, you can purchase them directly.

  • Mutating
    Leviathan's Might P/E
  • Guns
    Pirate Mage Flintlock P/E
    Gold Pirate Pistol P/E
    Pirate Flintlock P/E
    Void Pirate Pistol P/E
    Vampirate Magnum P/E
    Pirate Mage Pistol P/E
    Ornate Pirate Pistol P/E
  • Swords
    Leviathan Rapier P/E
    Ivory Cutlass P/E
    Mana Rapier P/E
    Undead Octo Cutlass P/E
    Omega Cutlass P/E
    Vampirate Cutlass P/E
    Deep Sea Rapier P/E
    Pirate Angler Rapier P/E
    Pirate Mage Katana P/E
    Leviathan Impaler P/E
    Mystic Pirate Cutlass P/E
    Iron Wavebreaker P/E
    Sea Scourge P/E
    Void Pirate Cutlass P/E
    Gold Leviathan Impaler P


Remember, the Heroic Housing contest is still underway and has already seen some fantastic entries! There's still plenty of time to enter if you haven't already! The complete rules can be found in this post!

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September 06, 2018

Shoggoth's Stash

Shoggoth's Stash

The vast, irradiated oceans of Delta V stir once again with the activity of Captain Shoggoth and his brutal crew of eldritch pirates. Join the party into the West Naval Yard to discover new challenges, new weapons, new achievements, and a boatload of new styles!

This update has so much content that it will need a few more days of development and testing with an expected release of Wednesday. Also, I (Nightwraith) will be traveling to the land of my forefathers (Ohio) later next week for a family event so consolidating both these shortened weeks made more sense than 2 abridged updates.



As of the last update, Mercenaries, especially Tactical Mercenaries are under-performing, to put it mildly. They will receive some improvements to their offensive capabilities and usefulness of buffs. 



If you completed the Waves of Wrath storyline, you've already tested your steel against Shoggoth, but how do you think you'll fare against a Legendary version of the corrupted pirate?

Fan-favorite Big Tuna is also receiving a Legendary buff to challenge your skills and patience. You didn't think earning those extra stars would be easy, did you?



If you have some extra Tokens burning a hole in your pocket, the Arcade will see the addition of Shoggoth's Stash which will come stocked with wild and weird weapons, including a new travel form!


Pirate Stylin'

Look for a big expansion to Credit and Varium styles for all classes, with a focus on Halloween and nautical themes! I don't know how many yet because they're still being drawn, but I expect at least 10 per class/gender!


Back-to-School Varium

As with the other AE games, we'll be extending the 18K Varium promotion through this weekend. For EpicDuel, we're keeping the bonus Varium in until the update goes live on Wednesday. It's never too early to stock up for gifting!



Since this update is still in development, the plan can still change with additional content. In the meantime, remember that there's still an EpicDuel contest going on with plenty of time left to participate!

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September 01, 2018

Get the Artix Game Launcher

Play Artix Entertainment Games without a Browser!

Help us test our new Artix Entertainment Games launcher. We built this to future proof our existing games. Using this launcher removes the need for a browser or the Flash Plugin.



  • Yes, this is an early access Alpha Test
  • Help Test
  • Hunt for Bugs
  • Suggest Features


  • AdventureQuest Worlds
  • EpicDuel
  • AdventureQuest
  • DragonFable
  • MechQuest
  • Oversoul
  • AdventureQuest 3D (Sorta - the button will open the game in STEAM)

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