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October 20, 2023

Cosmic Carnage 2 Ends

Cosmic Carnage 2 Ends

The Cosmic Carnage 2 Tournament has officially ended! Visit The Endless or the Tyrant Totem to view the final leaderboard and the final winners of this latest test of endurance and skill! Over 377 Cosmic Carnage 2 Tickets were sold making this the tournament the largest EpicDuel has had since the Golden Yeti Tournament.

Cosmic Carnage 2 Winners

 All prizes, including the prizes for all participants have been distributed. If you do not see a prize item you should have based on your tier, you may need to log out then back in again.

The tournament leaderboard, like all other leaderboards in EpicDuel, updates at regular intervals (usually about a minute) so the numbers you see during the tournament aren't the absolute latest real-time scores. Because this was an extremely close tournament for some placement tiers so you may have noticed some rankings shift by the time of the final update of the leaderboard. This is normal, but rarely results shifting ranks. In this case, it resulted in at least one participant moving to a higher tier in the final update.


Naval Yard War Bonus

If you were able to claim the Kartherax Larva Cannon P in the West Naval Yard War, you will be awarded a complementary Kartherax Larva Cannon E! You may need to relog if you don't see the new weapon in your inventory.

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