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May 14, 2021

Cores Unlocked!

Cores Unlocked

Hear that? That's the sound of hundreds of core slots unlocking on a host of rare items from throughout EpicDuel's history! Dust off your favorite weapons from your crowded inventory or BankBot and assemble the build and aesthetic of your epic dreams!


New Dread Weapons!

The Exile Leader and Administrator 10 have crafted a new generation of Dread weapons to help you previal.

  • Dread Phase Edge P
  • Dread Phase Edge E
  • Dread Phase Blaster P
  • Dread Phase Blaster E
  • Dread Phase Cannon P
  • Dread Phase Cannon E


Core Unlocked!

For years many EpicDuel weapons and armors of coveted rarity were locked to one or two cores. Though this gave the items unique attributes, they were often left to rust as the PvP meta shifted to new builds. Now, finally, most of these restrictions have been lifted as these Passive and Active core slots have been unlocked!

Armors Unlocked

  • Platinum's Pride
  • Botanical Battle Suit M
  • Botanical Battle Suit F
  • Blood Hawk Armor
  • Hazmat Suit
  • ProtoSartorium Armor CC
  • ProtoSartorium Armor

Weapons Unlocked:

  • Ghoul Cannon 2018
  • Spectral Blaster 2018
  • Vampiric Boomstick P (active only)
  • Vampiric Boomstick E (active only)
  • Ishmael's Impaler P
  • Ishmael's Impaler E
  • Stun Cannon
  • Stun Blaster
  • Stun Cannon 2018
  • Stun Blaster 2018
  • Infernal Interdictor
  • Bionic Battlegear
  • Omega Obliterator
  • Omega Slayer
  • Omega Onslaughter
  • Omega Impaler
  • Omega Obliterator 2018
  • Omega Slayer 2018
  • Omega Onslaughter 2018
  • Omega Impaler 2018
  • Azrael's Bane
  • Azrael's Annihilator P
  • Azrael's Annihilator E
  • Azrael's Reaper
  • Azrael's Spirit
  • Botanical Battlegear P
  • Botanical Battlegear E
  • Exile Battlegear P
  • Exile Battlegear E
  • Legion Battlegear P
  • Legion Battlegear E
  • Dread Desolator P
  • Dread Desolator E
  • Black Abyss Battlegear P
  • Black Abyss Battlegear E
  • Black Abyss Slayer P
  • Black Abyss Slayer E
  • Blood Hawk Slayer P
  • Blood Hawk Slayer E
  • Blood Hawk Battlegear P
  • Blood Hawk Battlegear E
  • Lionhart's Carnage
  • Lionhart's Knowledge
  • Kartherax's Destroyer P
  • Kartherax's Destroyer E
  • Kartherax's Reaper P
  • Kartherax's Reaper E
  • Frozen Fury Destroyer P
  • Frozen Fury Destroyer E
  • Frozen Fury Scythe P
  • Frozen Fury Scythe E
  • Frozen Fury Blaster P
  • Frozen Fury Blaster E
  • Frozen Fury Annihilator P
  • Frozen Fury Annihilator E
  • Bio Berserker P
  • Bio Berserker E
  • Bio Slayer P
  • Bio Slayer E
  • Bio Blaster P
  • Bio Blaster E
  • Bio Hunter Rifle P
  • Bio Hunter Rifle E
  • Azrael's Evolution P
  • Azrael's Evolution E
  • Azrael's Bloodletter P
  • Azrael's Bloodletter E
  • Azrael's Punisher P
  • Azrael's Punisher E
  • Infinity Titan Sword P
  • Infinity Titan Sword E
  • Infinity Titan Axe P
  • Infinity Titan Axe E
  • Infinity Titan Daggers P
  • Infinity Titan Daggers E
  • Infinity Titan Maul P
  • Infinity Titan Maul E
  • Infinity Titan Staff P
  • Infinity Titan Staff E


Welcome New Testers!

This release was especially exciting as it was the first task of our new batch of testers! I'm pleased to welcome them all to the team, and they will be formally announced once their official AE personas have been chosen!

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