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January 24, 2013


Now it can be told! We are pleased to announce the compensation for those who have purchased Enhancements in EpicDuel. If you didn't know already, Enhancements as you know them will be transitioning into the stat editing and Core systems when Omega releases. 

The easiest part of the compensation to explain is the tiered Achievements:


5 Tiers of Cheevos

Epic Enhancer: Any Varium or Credit Enhancements

Prestigious Enhancer: 50%

Illustrious Enhancer:  25%

Legendary Enhancer:  12.5%

Ultimate Enhancer:  1%

The percentages represent the various percentile ranks of Varium Enhancement expenditure. If you find the Prestigious Enhancer Achievement in your inventory, it means you were among the top 50% of Varium Enhancers.

If you have spent any amount of Varium on Enhancements or currently own an item with Credit Enhancements you will receive at minimum the Epic Enhancer Achievement. For players that upgraded with Varium, the more you've spent, the higher your Achievement tier. Only the top 1% of Varium Enhancers will receive the top tier Achievement!  To be clear, you will only receive one of these five Achievements -- if you qualify for a higher tier achievement you will not also receive all the prior tiers. Also, Credit Enhancements will only qualify you for the first tier IF you still have the Enhanced item(s) in your inventory. 

The second part of Enhancement compensation is a Varium / Credit refund for items currently in your inventory that have Enhancements on them. You will receive 30% of the initial purchase price of the Enhancements for Varium Enhancements and 10% of the price of Credit Enhancements. Credit refunds will be capped at 100k Credits. The refunded Credits and / or Varium will be awarded immediately after Omega goes Live.

Again, only Enhanced items currently in your inventory or equipped on your character are eligible for a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot refund Enhancements on items already sold. I advise you to hang onto all of your Enhanced items at least until we release Omega for maximum compensation. 

It was very difficult to arrive at a solution that we felt was fair to those who supported this feature without gravely effecting the game's internal economy. We are confident the new open and flexible stat editing and Core systems will ultimately create a game that is more balanced, interesting and fun for paying and non-paying players, and we hope you join us in Omega to make it the best development phase yet!

*These values may be subject to change. We will alert you of any adjustments as soon as they occur.

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