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February 18, 2011

The Bazaar will open soon!

To answer your question: No, unfortunately there's no update today.  BUT WAIT DON'T GO!  Here's a shot of the Bazaar Entrance to tantalize.

Bazaar Entrance

What is this place, you ask?  Well, stay awhile and listen!  


During the Great Uprising against Baelius' Legion, one of the sinister despot's plans for locking down the planet was to build a great array of anti-air turrets across Delta V.  These heavy cannons were powerful enough to blast a destroyer-class ship out of orbit with one shot!  This served 2 purposes:

1. To keep all current ships grounded and prevent further escape of the planet's terrified populace.

2. To discourage any outsiders sympathetic to the miner's cause from intervening.

Sometime during the onset of the war, a great fleet of ships descended upon Delta V, many of them converted freighters from nearby asteroid mining operations.  The battle miles above Delta V was as brilliant and violent as it was brief.  Most ships were completely obliterated -- their parts scattered across Delta V or sent adrift into high orbit -- but one ship was different.  Badly damaged, but still operational, the massive freighter "Relentless" fell to Baelius' guns, but was able to land, astonishingly intact but precariously suspended over a deep chasm in the Barrens.

For generations, the survivors of the crew carved out a niche living off the ship's supplies, creating an isolated community within the ship's hull.  It's remote location kept the Marauders and Legion patrols at bay, allowing the survivors to thrive while the outside world crumbled around them.  Great events such as the banishment of the Exiles and their subsequent return were distant evens of little concern to them until they realized the new opportunities such matters presented, especially with regards to commerce!

Rechristened "The Bazaar," the ship's vast cargo holds have been converted into a massive marketplace, offering all manner of goods for those brave and persistent enough to seek them out.  Many have traveled from across the planet to shop at the largest marketplace in all of Delta V -- completely free of Legion control.

Throughout the years, the Bazaar has tried to remain neutral, but the sympathies of its permanent residents have established its reputation as an Exile stronghold.  However, its forbidding location  and distance from the seat of Legion power allow it to remain off of Baelius' radar...for the time being.


Many of you will likely groan about two weeks without an EpicDuel release (we DID release Battle Fruit last week, thought!).  Well, I guess that's just more pressure on us to make it worth it!

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