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February 11, 2011

Battle Fruit!

It's been one of the most frantic weeks in recent memory, but the AE Game-Tastic contest has finally come to a close.  We'll probably need another week to flush out the caffeine and sugar from all the energy drinks we consumed to finish our game, but it was well worth the produce. We started with a very elaborate game plan for Battle Fruit: a turn-based, multiplayer, tower defense platformer with an advanced physics engine (we don't think small!).  As development progressed, we compromised and limited the scope for today's demo.  The game you will see is a mere taste of what is to come, but what we managed to produce is a pretty tight shooter/platformer.  There are towers and turrets, but you're completely on the offensive and everything is in real-time.  Run, jump, shoot, destroy, collect loot.  Simple, arcade-style bliss.

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Evil Produce!

Hopefully this will not be the last time we visit this concept.  The game has a ton of potential and Titan really did a phenomenal job writing a physics engine and making all of the work from the art team "GO!"

Evil Produce!If we do decide to continue towards a tower defense game, at least we already have some turrets and building materials!  It could even have an editor to let players create and save their own maps! 

Epic Fruit Battle!

You can check out Battle Fruit and the other amazing games produced by Artix Entertainment this week.  It think everyone was impressed by the output, but what else would you expect?  We eat, breathe, and sleep game development, so we never bring anything less then out A-game when a challenge like this arises!  Tune in next week as we return to "normal" will more updates on EpicDuel.

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