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October 09, 2014

Artix Entertainment 12th Anniversary

Anniversary Event

This Friday we are pleased to celebrate Artix Entertainment's 12th anniversary! We're celebrating with a massive multi-game-spanning event! In each game, you'll need to collect a special cursed artifact. In EpicDuel, that artifact is Titan's Mug. However, you mission will not be so easy as to collect a simple piece of kitchenware. Titan's Mug has been shattered and scattered across Delta V!

Shattered Mug

You don't mess with a mortal's coffee, and that is doubly true for gods. Assemble a Titan's cosmic coffee mug to appease the deity and receive your rewards!

Expect us to release tomorrow around 4 PM EST!


Legion Victory!

The Naval Yard War is over, and the Legion forces have finally prevailed by maintaining control of the Pirate Flagship. Could this be a turning point in the overall alignment conflict? We'll know for sure when the next regional war goes live in the next few weeks.

Legion Wins!

This was a very hard-fought and very close war, and the prizes were well-earned. We look forward to seeing how the next regional wars unfold in the future!


Harvest Time!

Let the spice flow -- PUMPKIN SPICE! Celebrate Fall and the Harvest Festival in EpicDuel with the return of seasonal Harvest items and missions!

Harvest Husk

Cardboard Armor

These awesome items are available NOW at Snork! Be sure to pay him a visit in his Minetower basement lair. He gets so lonely down there!


Remeber, the Harvest Reaper and Spectral Reaper mutating items come equipped with the Jack-O-Fire core! Make it rain with a lethal shower of exploding pumpkins!

Harvest Home Items

Speaking of pumpkins -- decorate you home with the myriad fall styles already available from the Home Item shop!

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