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May 16, 2013

Arborgeddon Ends

The air in the Biological Preserver has been purified by the combined efforts of 1000s of player and Davarril, the rogue Archivist, has been defeated. This Friday, the final spoils of war will be revealed as four new terrifying weapons:

  • Botanical Broadsword
  • Dark Botanical Broadsword
  • Botanical Nightmare
  • Dark Botanical Nightmare

Botanical Nightmare

Available in Lime Green...

Dark Botanical Nightmare

And Nightmare Berry Flavors

These items will be available in limited quantities on Davarril. We will also be issuing a final restock on the other LQS items in the war shops.  


You've Got Mail 2: Mail Harder

We've made a second pass on the mail system that was introduced last week. This week you will be able to send messages to your friends and fellow Faction members! Don't worry about spam -- the list is restricted to only those on your buddy list and Faction list. You can send a single message to up to 20 recipients!

Mail your friends!

Planning in-game meetings has never been easier!


A New War Brews

Part of this week has been devoted to preparation of the next grand event. The Legion and Exile forces have been engaged in a stalemate since last summer, when The Lawman and his fellow Exiles stormed the Delta Vault and seized a secret army of hibernating androids, taking the Legion administrator Silas captive in the process.

Now, with Davarril subdued and no external threats to postpone further conflicts, the drums of war are once again echoing across Delta V. Legion and Exile forces are rallying around a new battlefield to determine the fate of the planet.

A new battle approaches

Legion and Exile smiths are working double-time for the war effort.

The Disputed Zone

Not the best neighborhood.

Which side will you choose? Will you fight for freedom with the Exiles or fight for order with the Legion? The time to choose is quickly approaching.

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