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December 11, 2015

Patch Notes - 1.6.57



  • Caden's Curse mission chain removed
  • Gifting system reintroduced - 29 Days of Gifting


  • Achievements
    • Cookies and Milk evolving achievement
    • Good Gifter 2015 evolving achievement
    • Yeti for Winter 2015 evolving achievement
  • Bikes
    • Platinum Polar Bear (event prize, not for sale)
  • Armors
    • Arctic Soldier M 
    • Arctic Soldier F 
    • Kezeroth Kezeroth (No Cape) 
    • Winter Warrior
    • Cryo Husk 
    • Winter Slayer M 
    • Winter Slayer F
    • Dage's Paragon (legendary shop) (non CC)
    • Seraphic Inquisitor M (legendary shop) (non CC)
    • Seraphic Inquisitor F (legendary shop) (non CC)
    • Evolved Dragonlord M (legendary shop)
    • Evolved Dragonlord F (legendary shop)


  • Mutating Weapons
    • Winter War Gear P/E
    • Kezeroth's Vengeance P/E
  • Swords
    • Frostbite Sword P/E
    • Frozen Vengeance P/E
    • Frozen Fire Sword P/E
    • Winter War Sword P/E
    • Arctic Soldier Pike P/E
    • Kezeroth's Bane P/E
  • Wrist Blades
    • Frostbite Claws P/E
    • Arctic Soldier Blades P/E
  • Clubs
    • Frostbite Axe P/E
    • Arctic Soldier Axe P/E
  • Staffs
    • Frostbite Staff P/E 
    • Arctic Soldier Staff P/E
  • Guns
    • Arctic Soldier Blaster P/E
    • Theon's Gifted Blaster P/E
    • Winter Blaster P/E
  • Aux
    • Arctic Soldier Cannon P/E 
    • Theon's Gifted Rifle P/E
    • Winterzooka P/E
    • Seraphic Launcher P/E (legendary shop)


  • Styles
    • Arctic Solider 
    • Dage (non CC) 
    • Seraphic (non CC) 
    • Kezeroth 
  • Home Items
    • Santa Juron  
    • Seth Juron Statue Left 
    • Seth Juron Statue Right 
    • Seth Juron Portrait
    • Regal Cookie Feast 
    • Titan's Cookie Banquet
    • Cookies and Milk 
    • Kezeroth Bobblehead 
    • Kezeroth Statue

Bug Fixes:

  • Venom Strike isn't affected by Cyber Yeti's shield
  • We made Venom Strike blockable to address this issue, previously the unblockable nature of Venom strike prevented the shield from having an effect
  • Hatchling Rush isn't working (I.e. Deal damage and costs EP, but effect does not appear) 
  • Players who completed the Dragon’s Return mission chains can help others fight Merged Dragonoid
  • Deimos now Energy
  • Phobos now Physical

Tags: Nightwraith


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