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October 25, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.36


  • New shop on Elon Musk's SolarWorld Factory (after Ebilcorp factory falls)
  • 2 new cores: Critical Heal and Piston Punch
  • Musk Husk class-changing armor
  • New "Model L" hovercar
  • Flight Module allows players to fly by equpping module and typing "/fly"
  • 6 new Iron Musk styles
  • Added Confirm screen to the Faction Creation Module  
  • Confirmation screen when creating a new faction
  • Re-added the Law Giver and Antimatter missions.
  • Re-added Hallowarrior Achievement
  • Re-added Harvest missions in Hallowarriors Event mission chain
  • Re-added Harvest Seasonal Rares


  • Updated "Did You Know?" text at the end of battle to reflect new level cap of 36
  • Anya’s dialogue has an extra space
  • One of Desert Guard’s dialogue has an extra space in it
  • Landlord achievement’s description needs to be change from 4 to 5
  • Rabblefroth’s Tome achievement is too long due to the win counter added into it
  • Fixed several that were too long
  • Fixed an issue where Stat Boost Cores would not visually update Skill Details Rollover panels
  • Equipping the Strength Boost core would not visually improve Assimilation in the rollover 
  • Game screen froze after purchasing Class Change (Credits)


Tags: Nightwraith


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