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August 20, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.27


  • New Titan Cores available at Titan in Frysteland
  • Bacon Breath - Unleashes the powerful scent of bacon on your target, dealing 114% weapon damage.
  • Titan Chomp - Summon Titan to chomp your target for 114% weapon damage. 
  • Bacon Rain - Rains down delicious bacon, dealing 114% weapon damage to the target.
  • Added several new War Objectives to the world map
    • Barrens Shield Generator
    • Wasteland Missile Turret
    • Naval Yard Propaganda Tower has converted into a Shield Generator
    • Central Station Cannon
    • Central Station Shield Generator
    • Overlord Shield Generator
    • Bio Cannon
  • Adjusted matchmaking to never allow 2v2 matches with a huge level disparity



  • Fixed an issue with the Slayer’s main body asset.  The file included a legacy import call that caused it to fail to load.  This could hang the battle against the Slayer NPC in some instances.
  • Fixed an issue where objective shops would automatically close when the objective updates every 15 seconds
  • Fixed character page core Display issue
  • Fixed graphical issue with Juggernaut button displaying during shutdown
  • Updated graphical text with a few missions  tokens/credits
  • Updated several outdated “Did you know” and chat messages



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