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July 26, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.24


  • Switching alignments now sends a welcome mail from an alignment leader
  • Juggernaut button added to main interface
  • Juggernauts can now earn Influence and participate fully in the War
  • New Objective Capture achievement: Tracks the number of times you were involved with the capture of any Objective. This has been tracked since War Objectives were implemented, so all of your captures so far will have counted
  • New influence tracker accessible from the World Map. Track your influence in all 8 contested regions of Delta V
  • Dynamic war screens change to show dominating alignment. 60+ screens updated
  • All battle backgrounds should show a Faction flag


  • Some mission drops like “Robot Parts” were sellable for credits but would allow the player to continue to receive the drop for as long as he or she was on the mission and did not have the item currently in inventory. Because this can potentially be exploited for unlimited credits, many mission drops are now either unsellable or sellable for 0 credits
  • Fixed a few missions where the rewards were not greater than the cost to complete them
  • Valentine’s rares no longer show as available from Alydroid
  • Tuna cannon is marked as a “Ultra-Rare Promotion” as per other Promo code items

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