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May 03, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.13


  • Davarril Boss Battle will enable once the air purification War Bar reaches 100%.
  • Arbor Annihilator achievement for defeating Davarril.
  • 3 new "Infested" armors.
  • New Botanical Bike.
  • Tiered Spore Hunter achievements for collecting and releasing Purified Spores.
    • These will be awarded automatically as soon as Arborgeddon concludes.
  • Ability to purchase Botanical Key outright from Davarril for quicker access to War Shop.
  • Added a new passiveLink field to allow action icons and action buff graphics to be differentiated.
  • Split the ItemBox data response into 4 separate responses to minimize login timeouts.
  • Dramatically reduced the size of the mission data table that downloads when logging in (~80% reduction).
  • NPC credit rewards now limited to 100 wins per day.
  • Fighting lower level NPCs decreases credit rewards by 3 per level instead of 4 per level. In other words, you now get 17-32 Credits based on level, up from 12-32. Fighting NPCs more than 5 levels lower still awards no Credits.
  • Drop rate on Purified Spores increased to 15%.


  • Robots
    • Base damage on all Robots has been increased by 3.
    • Damage per Focus has been reduced from 6 to 4.
  • Frosbite core
    • Warmup has been removed.

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