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October 19, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.10a


  • Kimberly's Axe is being sold in limited quantities with both Varium and Credit options
  • Chairman Platinum has 4 new missions


  • Chairman's Fury (Uppercut)
    • Fixed thorns not reflecting damage
    • Fixed Rage being applied if you stole enough to gain max Rage
    • Defense should now always be used to reduce damage, regardless of weapon's damage type
  • Rage gain was ignoring blocks, deflections, and defense-ignoring attacks (including crits)
  • If you leave battle while an NPC is speaking, the dialog no longer continues
  • Unchecking the Sound option will instantly stop all chat and music
  • Rechecking the Sound option will start playing NPC dialog again
  • Charpage no longer flickers 7 blue stars while loading
  • Leaving a battle now counts as a loss for leaderboard percentages


Thank you to all players who helped to drive back the Chairman! Get the full report here!



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