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    Basic Armor    Caden's Cuirass M
    Elite Yeti Husk    Omni Knight Blade
    Apprentice Staff    Desert Blaster
    Cake Launcher    Meteor Shower x25
    Spare Parts    Titan's Mug
    Exile Battlegear E

BombCandy Pin
Central Station GruntCenturion
Delta KnightEgg Head
Eight BallEngineer
FighterGamma Tester
Guard HelmHank's Leg
Heart DestroyerInfernal War Grunt
Mama's FeastMission Possible
Omega OverlordSnork's Stash VIP
StunVault Breaker I
War Item UpgraderYin Yang


Missions Completed
A Box of ScrapsA Cure for the Beast
A Fair HairA Friendly Wager
Access DeniedAlso Good for Cabinets
AppetizersArachno Analysis
Bad for BusinessBad Gourd
Ballistic BunniesBoom!
Boost JuiceChairman Chomped
Chomp!Chump King
CleanupDealt a Cruel Blow
DeclawedDeity Stuff
DessertFaded Memories
Fashion ForwardFemale Troubles
Fighting for FabulousFire Night
Flower PowerForever My Nemesis
Further Arachno AnalysisGentlemanly Fisticuffs
Gift of LifeGolden Gun Gal
Good GourdHalt!
Handle It!Hankering for a Bite
Head-Bashing OpportunityHearts on Fire
High OctaneHurts to Heal
I can haz caek?Incidental Reports
Law GiverLet the Colors Burst
Lonely Hearts ClubLuau
Main CourseMama's Recipe
Market ResearchMindful Mage
Mischief MakersNaptime!
Nuclear OptionOmega Omelete
Paint the TownPoint A to Point B
Random SpoilsRebel Scum
Rigor MortisRise Against the Guard
Rusted JointsSaccharine Sentiments
Salt in the WoundSample Set
Scrambled NightmaresSet the World on Fire
Shard SearchShrapnel
SnowdropSoup and Salad
Spare TimeStick It to the Man
Sweet TeethTakes the Cake
Tea and TitanTeam Building Exercises
The Cake Is a LieThe Hunter's Test
The Illegal EconomyThe Platinum Problem
The Poison Is the CureThe Proposition
The Sound of SilenceThe Unusual Suspects
Trick or TreatTwilight of the Gods
Up to the ChallengeWelcome Committee
What Is Delicious?