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    Basic Armor    Beast Rider M
    Botanical Battle Suit M    Classic Armor
    Hazmat Suit    Highlander Armor
    Infernal Fantasy Knight    Sanguinomancer Armor B
    Tactical Overlord Guard    The Endless Armor
    The Endless Armor CC    GodOfSanta Azrael's Bane Rep.
    Infernal Overfiend Slayer E    Overfiend Nemesis Staff P
    Azrael's Anguish E    Dark Caster Gun E
    Legion Operative Pistol E    Underworld Pirate Daggers P
    Dage's Spirit Cannon    Dread Desolator E
    Omega Frost Cannon E    Xeno Spectral Blaster
    Critical Heal    Energy Booster x25
    Frost Shards    Support Boost (Primary)
    Support Boost (Sidearm)    Technology Boost x30
    Unbreakable Heart    Blood Hawk Mutation
    Lepus Clone    UwU Replica
    Assault Bot P    Bio Borg
    Blood Hawk P    Botanical Borg
    Botanical Hazard    Cyber Shark E
    Cyber Shark P    Dark Botanical Borg
    Dark Botanical Hazard    Digital X's Replica Bot
    Electro Bunny Bot    Infernal Android E
    Infernal Android P    Infernal Android PxE
    Kartherax's Darkspawn E    Kartherax's Darkspawn P
    Monkakazi E    Monkakazi P
    Phantasm Droid E    Phantasm Droid P
    Pink Yeti    Plasma Fly
    Pyro Fly    Rusted Mini Rex PxE
    Tactical Shark Drone E    Tactical Shark Drone P
    Arcade Token    Botanical Key
    Clover Key    Dark Heart Key
    Dragonoid Ship Key    Dragonoid Spawn Bone
    Drone Cell    Egg Key
    Flawed Soul Gem    Heavy Power Cell
    Infernal Beacon    Nemesis Egg
    Old Fortune City Key    Omega Wolf Key
    Omega Wolf Shard    Perfect Soul Gem
    Raw Uranium Ore    Sabotage Kit
    Signal Booster    Silver Skull Card
    Skill Retrain Coupon    Legion Rune Brawler P
    Omega Wolf Bloodletter    Titanite Destroyer P

Abyssal ExterminatorAdministrator 10 Slayer
Aldhagrimm’s HeartAnya's Badge
AQ Worlds VIPArbor Annihilator
Artmageddon VIPAssaulter
Azrael's Scorn ShowcaseBarrens Outpost Grunt
Bido BreakerBig Tuna's Surfboard
BioBeasts BackstoryBiodome Cadet
Brachylagus BreakerCaden's Eye
Caden's LegacyCadet
Capt. Shoggoth's HeadCentral Station Veteran
ChampionCharfade's Helmet
Class MasterConductor's Cap
Curse of AlexisDage Collector 2019
Dage Collector 2021Dage's Doom VIP
Dark FutureDefender
Delta KnightDeuce's Defeat
Dragon's Destruction VIPDragonoid Slayer
Dravax SlayerDread Plains Grunt
Egg HeadEpic Conservationist
Epic Stylist IVEvil Overlord
Exceptional LegendExile Leader Slayer
Family CrestFamous
FighterFrozen Fury VIP
Frysteland VeteranGalatea's Med Tablet
Guard HelmHabuki's Visor
Hank's LegHarrowing Harvest
Hazard HeartHunter Token
Husk Mania VIPInfernal Mines Sergeant
Kartherax SlayerKingslayer
Lagomorph CharmsLagomorph Destiny
Leg. Big Tuna's SurfboardLegendary Charfade's Helmet
Lepus ClonedMama's Feast
Mark of RageMark of Respect
Mark of the OathbreakerMerged Dragonoid Skull
Mirv's MugMission Possible
Mort's MaskMurdoc's Helm
Naomi's KeepsakeNightmare Capt. Shoggoth's Head
Nightmare Dage's HelmNightmare Kartherax Slayer
Nightmare's EndNightwraith's Hat
Nightwraith's Nightmare VIPNoragh's Head
Omega EnduresOmega Overlord
One Small StepOverlord Deputy
Overlord Facility SergeantOverlord's Helmet
OverSoul VIPPeacemaker
Rabblefroth's TomeRaymus' House Key
Revontheus SlayerSanguine Showcase
Slayer ShurikenSlayer's Bounty
Steve 2.0's ChassisStun
Super DefenderTheon Slayer
Titan's HelmTitan's Triumph VIP
Tungsten FistUltimate Party Planner
Valestra's Nail PolishValestra's Vault VIP
Void ConquerorVoid Explorer
Void King SlayerVoid Master
War Item MasterWarhead
WarlordWasteland Cadet
Waves of ConquestWelcome to Delta V
West Naval Yard VeteranWorld Domination Tier 1
Yeti for the HolidaysYeti for Winter 2015
Yeti for Winter 2017Yeti for Winter 2019
Yin Yang

   Fortune City Efficiency

Missions Completed
2 Ply Kevlar
A Bounty Well Deserved!A Box of Scraps
A Dual DuelA Fair Hair
A Frosty ReceptionA Good Beatin’!
A Good Explanation For This (Maybe)A Hazardous Situation
A Necessary EvilA Passer In the Storm
A Proper TrapA Tale's End
A White LieAbyss Anarchy
Access DeniedAccidental Antiquing
Aggressive PersuasionAmmunation
An Order from BeyondAn Unexpected Revelation
Analysis RequiredAntigen
Arachno AnalysisArachno Harvest
Arachno RescueArctic Antagonism
Armor HarvestArmor Hoarder
Armor SampleArms for the Poor
Arthropod AlloysArtificial Sweetener
Asking for DirectionsAwe-ful Fight
Back to BasicsBack to Business School
Back to SkullBad Blood
Bad for BusinessBad Gourd
Baelius' PactBallistic Bunnies
Bargain for BloodBeast Initiation
Beast ModeBeast Patrol
Beginning of the EndBerry Holidays
Better Late Than NeverBio Basher
Bio Guard RejectsBlack Varium
Bloody ResearchBodyguards
Bone BreakerBoost Juice
BORED!Bountiful Blackmail
Breakdown of DiplomacyBribe or Fight
Broken DefensesBudget Bazookas
Bug BountyBundorable Disguise
Bunny BrawlBunny Bribe
Buried TreasureBusiness Partners
Caden's ReverieCaden’s Legacy
Caden’s LoveCaden’s Mirth
Caden’s WrathCall a Tactician
Calming ThoughtsCan't Tame the Reaper
Candy Corn CrisisCandy Delivery
Candy FeverCaptain's Wrath
Casual ContractCease Fire
Celtic ConditioningCeltic Creation Complete
Chains of LifeChairman Chomped
Champion ContractChange in Command
Checking It TwiceChink in the Supply Chain
Chomp!Chump King
Cite SourcesCleanup
Clear the DocksCoffee, Tea, or Battle
Coming TogetherContemplative Combat
Controlling the SituationCooking Up a Revolution
Copper RitualCorrupted Beasts
Cosmic ConnectionsCostumed Krampus
Crackin' SkullsCruel Collection
Crushing ChitinCryptic Crimes
CSI Delta VCult Infiltration
Curse of the Evil TeddyCut Off the Head
Cutthroat PricesDaddy's Girl's Got a Gun
Damaged GoodsDark Hearts
Data RecoveryDead End
Dead Man's ChestDead Men Tell No Tales
Death Is Endless NightDeeply Rooted
Defensive DemolitionDeity Stuff
Deseronto et. al.Desperate Search
DessertDestruction of Innocence
Devil's AdvocateDispel the Demon
Distraction GameDistrict Disasters
DO NOT DELETE!Double Trouble
Dragonoid DusterDreadful Destiny
Dreams of the DeadDreams of the Void
Dummy HazardDying to Get Here
Edging Out the CompetitionEgg Fuel
Electric ExorcismElectro Light Display
Elegy for a TunaEnemy Spirits
Essence of NightmaresEternal Gift
Eternal PowerEvery Man Has His Price
EVPExile Rally
Extensive Combat DataExtermination
ExterminatorFact Checking
False FuelFamily Business
Farewell FlowerFashion Disaster
Fashion ForwardFather and Son
Fear FactorFearless Leader
Female TroublesFighter Contract
Fighting for FabulousFinal Preparations
Final ShakedownFine Rustic Decor
Fire NightFirst Wave
Flash FilesFlower Power
Fluffy LiberatorFocus
Food for the GodsFood For Thought
For Fresh Air!For Order!
Forensic MagicForever My Nemesis
Fortune City SoldierFreedom of Information
From the DarkFrysteland Fauna
Full RefundFurry Fiasco
Further Arachno AnalysisGamma Glitch
GatekeeperGathering Intel
Get the FactsGift of Life
Glowing GuardsmanGoing Solo
Golden Gun GalGood Gourd
Goop TroopGourd Intermission
Greedy HarvestGrid Grind
Grim CatchGrub Hub
Guard DetailGuard Gauntlet
Guinea PigHalcyon Hunters
Handle It!Hang Up Your Blades
Hank's RevengerHappy Oyster!
Harbinger's StaffHard Bargain
Harnessing the VoidHarvest Companion
Harvest TraditionHazard Handler
Head-Bashing OpportunityHeart of the Abyss
HeartbrokenHelter Smelter
Heroic ContractHomemade Horror
Human HazardHungry Progenitor
Hunter and the PreyHype Man
I Don't EvenI Doubt They’re Friendly
I SpyI've Got the Power
Ice RaceImperial Resurrection
In a FlashIncidental Reports
Increase SecurityIneptitude and Iniquities
Information HuntingInside Job
Insider InformationInto the Abyss
Into the FlamesInto the Fray!
It’s Always A Good Time for DessertJuloffenblotten Truce
Junk DataJunkyard Parts
Keepin' It FreshKill the Queen
KingslayerKnowledge of the Deep
Large Open ContractLaw Giver
Left For DeadLegion Rally
Lepus for AllLies and Deceit
Lifetime MemoriesLocksmith! Locksmith!
Looting the LawmanLost Son
Luck of the IrishLucky Lagomorphs
Main CourseMaking a List
Malfunctioning WifeManpower
Many CakesMarauder Matchup
Maximum ArtilleryMenacing Mooks
Mer'a MetallurgyMidnight Raids
Mine for MemoriesMinesweeper
Miniature MunitionsMining for Memories
Monarch MassacreMY BALLOONS!!!
Naptime!Natural Fruit Flavor
Necronauts' JobNeed More Juice
Nerves of FloofNice Shiny Coat
Nightmare CleanseNightmare Gate
Nightmare PreppersNightmare Prince
Nightmare TetherNightmare's End
No Country for Old MenNostalgia
Not a Good ReasonNot Hockey Pads
Nuclear DataNuclear Option
Nursing to HealthObstructed Opportunism
Offering of BloodOmega Data
Omega OmeleteOmega Wolf Key
Omni Knight UltraOoooo Piece of Candy
Open ContractOtherworldly Outerwear
OuroborosOverlord Overkill
Overlord OxidationPaint the Town
Paradox NowParting Ways
Party of OnePatience, Please
Peaceful SolutionsPirate Hunt
Plow the RoadPoached Yeti
Point A to Point BPollen Power
Positive EnforcementPowerful Dirt
Pre-gamePrecious Data
Presumed GuiltyPreternatural Prey
Preventing ParadoxesPrince Charming
Prisoner of the NightmareProfit Margins
Project DeltaProof of Persistence
Prowling for PumpkinsPulling Through
Pumpkin TrailPurify
QEDRabbit on Record
Rabbit Rocket ScienceRabble's Vendetta
Random SpoilsReady, Aim, Fire!
Rebel ScumRebranding
Recruitment DriveRequirement Not Met
Research ResumeResearch Trip
Residual ResonanceRestock
RevelationReverse Engineering 101
Righteous ResistanceRigor Mortis
Rise Against the GuardRocket Grease
Rocket RecoveryRookie Contract
Rounding UpRusted Joints
Saccharine SentimentsSacrifice
Sadistic SourceSample Set
Santa's Snowy SouvenirScappy Scrapper
Scattershot ScapegoatingSchematic Scheme
Scoundrel ShakedownScrambled Nightmares
ScribblesSearch for the Primo Shard
Search for the Secondo ShardSearch for the Terzo Shard
Search the ShadowsSeasonal Shipment
Secure the PerimeterSeeing Double
Seeking the AnswerSerious Supplies
Seven DeadliesSevering the Link
Shadow HuntShakedown Sequel
Shell GameShrimp Shakedown
Silence the TitanSinister Samples
Sinking the ShipSlayer's Slaughter
Slicing and DicingSlight Delay
SmashingSmoking Smith
Smoking SoulSnack Showdown
Snork's StashSnow-splosions
Soldier ContractSoldier's Test
Something's FishySoup and Salad
Spacefaring ScribblerSpare Time
Sparring LessonSpies Abound
Spore HuntSpring The Trap
SQUIRREL!Stalling for Science
Stand GuardStatus Report
Stayin’ AliveStealthy Scavenger
Steel ShellStick It to the Man
Stony TarkStories of the Past
StrategerySugar Rush
Super SpySupernatural Snooping
Supply Lines RestoredSuppression Field
Sweet Smell of DeathSweet Teeth
Take Out the TrashTaken
Talia's TreasonTarget Lock
Team Building ExercisesTeam Guard Duty
Team PlayerTest of Innocence
Testing 1,2,3...The Annoyance of Humanity
The ApprenticeThe Banishment
The Doom Came to CharfadeThe Early Bird
The End for EndlessThe Endless Hunt
The Equation of LifeThe Horror in the Eyes
The Horror in the WaterThe Hunt Begins
The Hunter's TestThe Justice Bringer
The Madness from the SeaThe Mastermind
The Nightmare SpreadsThe Nuclear Option
The Old OneThe Old Ways
The Platinum ProblemThe Proposition
The RevivalThe Shadow Over Tuna
The Tip OffThe Unusual Suspects
The Waking WorldThe White Ship
The YetikillerThe Zest of Life
Thick Tungsten HuskThirsty Hank
Thugs and ThievesTides of Fear
Tidings of FightingTime to Think
Tin SoldiersTop 10 Anime Betrayals
Tough Furry ShellTough Stuff
Training for OblivionTranslation Trouble
Trash TrainTrashville
Triple Dog DareTurkey Trap
Turn the TideTwisted Love
Tyrant of the VoidUndying Grudge
Uneasy FeelingUnexpected Turn of Events
Union MembershipUnlikely Ally
Unruly CrisisUnsatisfactory
Unusual GlyphsUprooting the Situation
Use as DirectedVanquish the Void
Vehicular VandalVeteran Contract
Void SoupWar Wounds
Warrior ContractWatching the Watchmen
Weapon ForgingWeapons Dealers
Welcome CommitteeWelcome to My World
Well-Deserved Whuppin'What Do Gods Fear?
What's in the Box?Where's the Beef?
Wild NumbersWorld Eater's Return
Yeti EncounterYeti Hunt
You Know My ChoiceYou Saw This Coming