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January 27, 2012

The Legion Has Claimed Frysteland!

Legion Wins!

Congratulations Legion on a job well done! You’ve brought the Krampus under Alydriah’s rule, and destroyed the Krampus settlement.

To complete the Frysteland story arc, you’ll need to get orders from several characters, such as Valestra, Hank, the Krampus Technician, Commander Boothe, Alydriah, and a new face in Frysteland: Ylwa the Demon Rider. You’ll also have to face the terrifying Frost Demon Maia. 

Thank you all for making EpicDuel’s first war a reality, and working forward to the Heartbreaker Arc!


What about Exile?

We were prepared for the possibility that Exile would win. You guys fought the good fight, and things would have been a lot different. However, the Exiles are far from defeated, and will have a chance to strike back at Alydriah and her followers in the next story arc.



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