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September 30, 2011

Coding Mania

*Note from Nightwraith*

Just got back from vacation in Ohio in time to post this DNs.  What's in Ohio, you ask?  Seasons.


Coding Mania

Hey there EpicDuelists! I hope you’ve been enjoying your week so far. This week is going to be more focused on code than content, so it might be a “boring” update for some of our players, but definitely not a boring week for Titan and Hudelf!


Training revamp

Hudelf is getting more adjusted to the lab, and more features are coming around the bend! While it’s unlikely to happen this week, the long-promised revamp to the level-up/retrain system could be implemented as early as next Friday! (We hope!)

Players will be able to level up with one click, and apply all points to the character. So, you could just open your stats page, click around a bit, and be able to save your configuration. Later on (as in “after we’ve implemented the first revamp), we’ll be adding further training revamps, including the ability to go down one level for small adjustments to one’s build. No longer will you have to completely retrain because of one stat point!

Also, this should make the retrain/level up process about 5-6 times faster.


Duelo Epico!

We’ve begun to regionalize EpicDuel, and the first step is to translate the entire game into Portuguese! Charfade is hard at work exporting all of the game text. This is only one step, but I think we’re going in the right direction in making ArtixEntertainment more accessible to our international player community!


Bug Squashing!

Titan’s working on further securing some recent exploits, preparing the new EpicDuel website, and going through the code to further reduce lag.


Achieving Balance

I don’t want to get into TOO many specifics, since we already know that the next balance updates won’t be ready for Friday. But, we’ve confirmed adjustments to how Field Medic and other skills will work, and how some skills will synergize with one another. Balance updates require extensive testing, so please be patient as we continue to build.



This is a reminder that if your account has been compromised or "hacked", please visit THIS SITE for more information.  Like Artix said, 95% (actually closer to 99%) of all "hackings" are the result of account sharing either to let a friend play on an account or on the promise of free Varium or ACs. 

I feel I should reiterate that contacting Developers or Mods directly will not resolve your issues any faster.  Titan and Nightwraith are busy enough building EpicDuel, and unfortunately cannot spend time resolving issues for individual players.


Centipedes are not insects

Following my Silverfish design notes Insect Fact, one of my players showed me a photo of a centipede, claiming it was a silverfish, so this week’s Insect Facts is dedicated to a group of animals commonly thought to be insects but in fact are not. The centipede is one of these animals.

With a name that means “one hundred feet”, centipedes are known for having many legs, with numbers from 10 to over 300! They are related to insects in the sense that they are terrestrial arthropods, but they can be distinguished from insects by the large number of legs and body segments.

According to the National Wildlife Foundation’s Field Guide to Insects and Spiders of North America, there are no centipedes in North America that are deadly to humans, although their venom can be quite painful, their appearance quite frightening, and they do present a danger to people who are allergic to insect venom. They can be beneficial, however, as some species of centipede (eg. the house centipede) eat cockroaches. 

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