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Action and adventure await you in this epic battle game! EpicDuel is a free to play browser MMORPG featuring PvP (Player vs Player) combat. Turn fantasy into reality by creating your custom character to fight your friends in turn-based real time strategy battles. And the best RPG gets better with new releases launching every week, so stay tuned to the Design Notes for behind-the-scenes MMO information and become the most epic dueler in all of EpicDuel!

Power Up your Online MMO Character!

Bring your RPG strategy to the next level! When you harness Varium crystals, you gain access to powerful weapons, advanced armors, and unique styles in browser based glory. Varium also lets you create factions, customize your home, and gain an advantage on the PvP leaderboards!

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EpicDuel Gifting 2019 Ends

January 08, 2020

End of Gifting 2019

2020 is off to a grand start for EpicDuel as the 2019 Gifting season ends with a huge surge from EpicDuel community, with the legendary "Spank Me" emerging as the winner after claiming an early lead!

Every year, EpicDuel's gifting event is a remarkable celebration of generosity and community that remains unique among Artix Entertainment games. We're continually astonished and humbled by the passion and dedication of EpicDuel's fans to keep this game rolling after so many years. Thank you! Here's to an epic 2020! 

Gifting 2019 Winners

Gifting Rewards

Upon our next update, the 15 top gifters will be immortalized in a new shrine on Titan's Peak. That part is easy. The real work comes in undertaking the requests of the gifting champions. Although I've tried to plan around this workload, it's impossible to fulfill these requests without them directly impacting regular releases. However, artists are already creating content to help beef up January releases! Please be patient as these requests are fulfilled throughout the rest of the month.

At this time, all emails have been sent out to the winners at their most current addresses associated with their EpicDuel master accounts. If you haven't received an email, check your spam folder to see if the email got misplaced there.


Secret and Silver Secret Packages

As with last year, these packages will "open" at a later date to reveal exciting (I hope) new items! Please be patient while the extra packages are "gifted" by the winning gifters and the items are finalized.


Coming Up

EpicDuel will receive an update Friday for balance changes and the Titan's Peak Shrine. On Monday, we will do another release to remove the out-of-season seasonal rares that returned for the gifting event. It will also be the last weekend to receive bonus Varium from the promotional packs. To be clear, the Omega Frost Slayer package will remain, just without the temporary Varium bonus.


Get the Artix Game Launcher V2

June 21, 2019

Artix Launcher

If you didn't know already, very soon most major browsers are discontinuing support of Flash! You may notice that browsers already disable Flash by default and require you to give special permissions to enable Flash. The best way to play EpicDuel and all the other Flash Artix Entertainment games is with the Artix Games Launcher 2.0! This app is the best way enjoy all your favorite AE browser games with easy access ot the latest news on each game's ongoing development. Ideally, all these Flash games will be ported to alternate platforms (like Steam, iOS and Android), but that project will take a bit more time and resources considering many of these games have decades of content!

In the meantime, get the latest Artix Games Launcher and Duel On today!


Real Life RPG Loot @ HeroMart

November 21, 2018

You are an epic dueler online… now become an epic dueler in real life!

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Declare Your Allegiance!

January 15, 2013

Fight for order under the Legion flag or battle for freedom under the banner of the Exiles

Battle for Control of Delta V!

Join a Faction or create your own, complete with a huge private headquarters, customizeable flag, and live messageboard! Plus, you'll be able to participate in War events and duel to dominate all of Delta V and earn rare War prizes!

A huge world to explore and conquer!

It's a big world out there...time to conquer it!


Power Up with Cores!

January 13, 2013

Rain down showers of meteors, mutate into vicious beasts, or demolish your opponents' defenses with epic cores.

Rain down fiery death from above with exciting cores!

These amazing enhancements can turn even the most basic arsenal into an engine of relentless destruction!