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EpicDuel is a free to play PVP-focused massively multiplayer game that plays in your web browser. Create a custom character and engage your friends in strategic turn-based combat! With exciting updates released weekly, be sure to check out the EpicDuel Design Notes to learn about the latest developments!

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Onward to War

March 26, 2014

New War

War is HERE. A better war. A faster war. A war that more fully captures to epic clash of Legion and Exile forces. This feature is now live and ready to PLAY NOW!

War Video

Check out this new video for a comprehensive overview of the new war system narrated by Titan!


WAR 2.0!

With the new war system, we want to emphasize accessibility. Under the new system, the active war is represented by a global war bar. This war bar provides general information about the conflict and quick-jump buttons to the main objectives.

New Map

When the war is over, the prize button will become active for the winning alignment! We'll get to that a bit later...

Some war objectives may be familiar with a few key changes -- you'll notice the Control Array now has a shield over it. It's up to the alignment on offense to bring down the shield and capture the Array, while the defenders must stop the aggressors at all costs!

Main Objective

To defend or attack, Legion and Exile warriors can earn PvP war drops. Defenders will receive Dread Bombs while the attackers will receive Dread Shells. These drops can be used at objectives to gain influence for yourself, your Faction, and your alignment. This is also the primary mechanism for driving the war. To discourage hoarding, you will only be able to hold a maximum of 10 of each type of war drop in your inventory. If you choose not to participate in the war, you will be able to sell the drops with no sellback.

War Drops

War drops can be used at war objectives, which will be scattered throughout the active region.

War Objective

Clicking a war objective brings up a menu to use your war drops. You can use your drops for free, or upgrade them to a more powerful form for Varium. The more powerful drops can also drop from PvP battles, but at a much lower rate.

Shell Display

Bomb Display

The objectives will show realtime destruction as they are used and abused by warring alignments. Small notifications will appear to broadcast your feats of valor for all to see!

Blowing Stuff UP

Each objective has a different attribute -- providing interesting tactical decisions for either side of the conflict. 

Broken Turret

Defend your objectives or see them burnt to the ground! When the war ends, the winning alignment, along with the most victorious player and Faction will be displayed prominently throughout the region!



With the changes to the war system, we've consolidated the existing regional influence-buffing cores into a sole War Commander core. This new limited-charge core will give 10 guaranteed war drops for battle victories.

War Commander

This core is available from prominent Legion and Exile NPCs in active war regions and, of course, VendBots.


More Cheevos!

Since some are already very close to attaining the 10th tier of certain regional war achievements, we've decided to bump up the difficulty with 2 more tiers for each region. We're even planning a super-special acheivement for reaching tier 12 on ALL regions, including Frysteland and the Infernal Mines (coming soon)!

War Hero Cheevo

During the war, you'll also have a change to earn the prestigious War Hero achievement by earning the most influence in a single day! 


Big Prizes!

Winng a war is an incredible task, so the victors should receive equally incredible rewards! Never-before-seen weapons, armors, vehicles and amazing currency bonuses await those who triumph!

Treasure Chest

If you're the picky type, you'll have a list of 6 items to choose from when claiming your reward. The prizes will rotate between war events so the list will be ever-changing and always interesting!

Dread Battlegear

This war event is now live so if you want this loot, you'll need to fight for it!


Springtime Gear!

Last but not least, remember to check out the seasonal rare Springtime gear, available at Naomi and Xraal! 


Grab this awesome gear before it disappears back into the database aether for another year!


Video Updates!

January 22, 2013

Did you know EpicDuel has it's own Official Youtube channel? If not, you probably didn't know that EpicDuel Mod and tester Practel just released a new video showing footage from the developer server testing Cores and the new stat editing system. Practel also answers some frequently asked questions about Omega. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the video now! Be sure to watch the video until the very end!


Epic Player-vs-Player Battles!

January 01, 2013

Join the fight on Delta V to battle the strongest warriors from across the galaxy in exciting 1v1 and 2v2 duels!  Battle marauders, aliens, cybernetic mages, or an old man in giant robot armor!

I'm not old, I'm experienced.

Join a Faction to align yourself with the tyrannical Legion or the noble Exiles.  If you're more of a leader than a joiner, you can create your own Faction, complete with a huge private headquarters, customizeable flag, and devastating artillery emplacements.

Factions not Fractions

Visit the interesting merchants of Delta V and browse their vast inventories of over 1400 items.  Bunny-headed bazookas, space blasters, laser rifles, ninja claws, cybernetic blades, alien staffs...you never know what treasures you'll find in EpicDuel's weekly releases!