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EpicDuel is a free to play PVP-focused massively multiplayer game that plays in your web browser. Create a custom character and engage your friends in strategic turn-based combat! With exciting updates released weekly, be sure to check out the EpicDuel Design Notes to learn about the latest developments!

Power up your Character!

Use Varium crystals to access powerful weapons, advanced armors, unique styles, create factions, customize your home, and gain an edge on the PvP leaderboards!

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Back-to-School Special!

September 10, 2014

For a limited time, from midnight tonight until midnight next Saturday (9/11/2014 - 9/19/2014) you will receive 10% bonus Artix Points for using Credit Card or Paypal! This is a great way to prepare for the incoming Waves of Wrath event and promotional package!


Rixty Bonus

Don't have a credit card or Paypal account?  Buy a Rixty card and enter to win a $100 prize from Rixty! 

You can buy a Rixty prepaid card at a nearby convenience store and transfer your cash online with no fees. Rixty currently has over 18,000 convenience store locations nationwide.  You can also use MOL Point cards and Green DOT MoneyPak.

How to Upgrade with Rixty 

  1. Click here to find the Rixty prepaid card retailer nearest you, and purchase a Rixty Game Card!  
  2. Visit http://portal.battleon.com and login or create an Artix Entertainment account.
  3. Click Shop from the menu, and choose Buy Points.
  4. Choose Rixty as your payment option.
  5. Enter your Rixty Code (or login to your Rixty account) and follow the instructions to complete your Artix Points purchase.
  6. Click Dashboard, and select the game user account you want to upgrade with your Points (in this case, AQWorlds!)
  7. Unlock your upgrade for AQWorlds, and you’ll automatically be entered to win $100 from Rixty!

What are you waiting for? The 10% Artix Bonus Points promotion starts at midnight tonight! Stock up and be among the first to tackle the Waves of Wrath! The horrors of the deep anxiously await!


Onward to War

May 01, 2014

The War Continues...

The War between the Legion and Exile forces resumes this Saturday as the countdown to the next War closes in on 0. This War will take place in the capital of Delta V, Fortune City. Fortune City is currently powered by an Energy Core in Alydriah's Spire. Rather than destroying the Core, the Attackers are determined to drain the Core to fuel their own war efforts using Sappers located around the city. The defenders will defend the core by destroying the Sappers. The citizens of Fortune City will follow whomever can keep the lights on. Will the Legion reign, or will the Exiles unseat the Legion from their lofty perch in Fortune City?


Fortune City Countdown

As you can see, the cooldown timer continues to tick by and the next War is very near. The text war region, Fortune City, will be open for contention early Saturday morning. This means a new chance for War Hero, leaderboard domination, and building regional Influence in Fortune City.

Countdown Clock

Remember, once the Fortune City War goes live, you will no longer be able to claim Dread Prizes. If you haven't claimed a prize yet, or purchased one that caught your fancy, you've only hours left to do so.


Dread Plains Champions

Before the next War begins, we'd like to commemorate the leaders of the previous war. Will they be major players in the next War? Do you have what it takes to dominate ALL the regions?

Exile Winners

Best Legion Soldiers


Battle Gems for Android is LIVE!

Be the first to play Battle Gems - the 1st major mobile game created by the same friendly (and crazy) team that creates AdventureQuest Worlds. Battle Gems is available right now for free on Google Play's App Store for your Android device AND Apple’s App Store for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Read more details here!

The team and I are really proud to be releasing Battle Gems for you. As our first major mobile game, it took over 6 months to draw, animate, code and write the 450+ joke & pun filled levels for you. We think you will agree that it is our most crazy, addictive and fun game yet! Get Battle Gems and please help us spread the word. (P.S. We are working on the Android version as you read this.)

Battle Gems Features

  • Over-the-top fantasy Puzzle/RPG
  • 150+ monsters including BrutalCorn, Octobear and more!
  • 450+ quests to Mount Death Dread Doom Skull
  • 250+ items
  • Every item you collect increases your total power!
  • Fully customizable character
  • Crazy monsters, epic battles, and… horrible puns (but get it anyway)


Video Updates!

January 22, 2013

Did you know EpicDuel has it's own Official Youtube channel? If not, you probably didn't know that EpicDuel Mod and tester Practel just released a new video showing footage from the developer server testing Cores and the new stat editing system. Practel also answers some frequently asked questions about Omega. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the video now! Be sure to watch the video until the very end!


Epic Player-vs-Player Battles!

January 01, 2013

Join the fight on Delta V to battle the strongest warriors from across the galaxy in exciting 1v1 and 2v2 duels!  Battle marauders, aliens, cybernetic mages, or an old man in giant robot armor!

I'm not old, I'm experienced.

Join a Faction to align yourself with the tyrannical Legion or the noble Exiles.  If you're more of a leader than a joiner, you can create your own Faction, complete with a huge private headquarters, customizeable flag, and devastating artillery emplacements.

Factions not Fractions

Visit the interesting merchants of Delta V and browse their vast inventories of over 1400 items.  Bunny-headed bazookas, space blasters, laser rifles, ninja claws, cybernetic blades, alien staffs...you never know what treasures you'll find in EpicDuel's weekly releases!