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Redeem your special code for an in-game item

Enter your code from any official EpicDuel merchan-product-erm-thingy... to unlock your bonus item! The code can be found hanging on a tag inside a shirt, the inside of the book cover, or on a card that was included. You probably knew that though, otherwise how would you have found this page? Once you are done, log into the game to access the item in game!

Please visit the BattleOn Games web site to enter you code.
BattleOn Games Code Redeem Page

Where can I get these codes?

Critical Hits

The NPCs - Critical Hits
Our first music album is called The NPCs - "Critical Hits". It features 32 tracks of music from ALL of our web based games... and a bonus track of Zhoom's never before heard themesong, "I don't like dem Ninjas." EbilCorp ninjas best go to Yulgar's for some ear plugs. The CD sounds amazing and there are some songs on it that even WE did not even know we had in game!