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    Basic Armor    Beast Rider M
    Beast Rider M    Bio Hazard Husk
    Bio Hazard Husk    Botanical Battle Suit M
    Bunny Borg    Classic Armor
    Delta Knight    Dragon Buster Armor
    Ebil Hazard Husk    Egg Shell
    Elite Yeti Husk    Harbinger Husk M
    Medium Mechachillid    Omega Bunny Borg
    Paladin Armor M    Platinum's Pride
    Space Warrior    Tesla Armor
    The Endless Armor    Warbot
    Azrael's Bane    Azrael's Deathbringer
    Azrael's Deathbringer    Azrael's Reaper
    Azrael's Spirit    Beta Cleaver
    Black Abyss Slayer E    Blade of Trials P
    Blood Hawk Slayer E    Blood Hawk Slayer P
    Botanical Broadsword    Botanical Reaper
    Bunny Bane E    Bunny Bane P
    Celtic Cleaver    Charfade's Sword
    Dage's Desolation E    Dage's Desolation P
    Dark Botanical Broadsword    Dark Leviathan
    Dark Leviathan    Death Flame Sword
    Delta Destroyer    Demonic Heartbreaker
    Dragon Buster    Dragon Buster II
    Endless Scythe E    Endless Scythe P
    Frost Scimitar    Frost Scimitar
    Frost Scimitar    Frost Slayer
    Frostbane    Glorious Slayer
    Golden Dragon Spear    Grim Heartbreaker
    Holy Frost Claymore    Holy Sword of Flame
    Infernal Slayer    Kartherax's Reaper E
    Liberty Ripper    Overfiend Blade
    Rapier    Rixty Ripper
    Ruby Rapier    Scythe of Liberty
    Soul Ripper    Tech Cleaver 2
    Titan's Triumph E    Titan's Triumph P
    Delta Maul    Apprentice Staff
    Azrael    Charfade's Staff
    Delta Staff    Azrael's Anguish E
    Azrael's Anguish P    Beta Blaster
    Dark Star    Dread Disruptor E
    Dread Disruptor P    Egg Laser
    Freeze Blaster    Freeze Blaster
    Frostbolt Blaster    Imperial ACP
    Machine Blaster    Rabble's Attack Tome
    Stun Blaster    Stun Cannon
    Super Freeze Blaster    Super Mecha Laser
    Tuna Cannon E    Delta Daggers
    Azrael's Annihilator E    Azrael's Annihilator P
    Beta Bazooka    Blue Devil
    Bunnyzooka    Cake Launcher
    Cupid's Bane    Cupid's Sorrow
    Dage's Doom Cannon    Dage's Spirit Cannon
    Dread Desolator E    Dread Desolator P
    Eggzooka    Energy Bunnyzooka
    Energy Eggzooka    Genesis
    Pie Launcher    Platinum Pulverizer
    Revelations    Spectral Blaster
    Aim Assist    Bacon Breath x25
    Energy Storm x25    Eternal Protection
    Plasma Meteor x25    Plasma Meteor x25
    Plasma Meteor x25    Stun Blast
    Assault Bike    Bionic Bear Bike
    Botanical Bike    Burger Bike
    Charfade's Cruiser    Cyberbike
    Dage's Blood Rider    Dage's Deathrider
    Flight Module    Gamma Bike
    Hoverbike    Legion Mecha Cruiser
    Legion Tank    Nulgath Bike
    Ten Year Titan    Assault Bot E
    Azrael's Borg    Baby Yeti
    Ballistic Bunny Bot    Black Abyss Bot E
    Black Abyss Bot P    Blood Hawk E
    Blood Hawk P    Botanical Hazard
    Dark Botanical Borg    Dark Botanical Hazard
    Electro Bunny Bot    Gamma Bot
    Infernal Android E    Infernal Android P
    Kartherax's Darkspawn E    Arcade Token
    Arcade Token    Arcade Token
    Arcade Token    Arcade Token
    Arcade Token    Arcade Token
    Arcade Token    Arcade Token
    Arcade Token    Arcade Token
    Bio Spore    Botanical Key
    Chairman Bux    Dravax's Artifact
    Egg Key    Egg Sac
    EMP Bomb    Flawed Infernal Gem
    Fortune Bomb    Gold Skull Card
    Infernal Bomb    Infernal Gem
    Naval Bomb    Naval Shell
    Old Fortune City Key    OneX6 Key
    Perfect Infernal Gem    Silver Skull
    Summoning Stone    Tactical Map
    Titan's Mug Handle    Yeti Bait
    Azrael's Curse    Beta Brutalizer
    Black Abyss Battlegear E    Black Abyss Battlegear P
    Blood Hawk Battlegear E    Blood Hawk Battlegear P
    Botanical Battlegear E    Botanical Battlegear P
    Botanical Nightmare    Dark Botanical Nightmare
    Draconic Destroyer    Draconic Devastator
    Exile Battlegear E    Exile Battlegear P
    Frost Destroyer    Glorious Battlegear
    Hero's Heart Set    Kartherax's Destroyer E
    Legion Battlegear E    Legion Battlegear P
    Spectral Reaper    Titan's Terror E
    Titan's Terror P

10 Year AnniversaryAbyssal Exterminator
AceAdministrator 10 Slayer
AdventureQuest VIPAmmo
AnnihilatorAQ Worlds VIP
Arbor AnnihilatorArbor Warrior
ArchKnight AchievementArtillery Master
AssaulterBacon Cupcake
Barrens Outpost CadetBattle Tested
Beta TesterBig Game XLV
Big Game XLVIBig Game XLVII
Bio HazardBiodome Grunt
Bionic BattalionBirth of Titan
Blood MoneyBomb
BombadierBreak on Through
Brunson's Bounty VIPCaden's Eye
Caden's WheelCake
Candy PinCelebrity
Central Station GruntCenturion
ChampionCharfade's Helmet
Class MasterClover
CoffeeDage's Doom VIP
Daily Solo ChampionDaily Team Champion
DefenderDelta Knight
Delta V DefenderDevastator
Dragon MasterDragon's Breath
DragonFable VIPDread Plains Sergeant
Ebil CrusherEbilCorp Conqueror
Edgar's EyesEgg Head
Eight BallElite Engineer
EMPEndless Guardian
Epic HoarderEpic Stylist III
Epic ThreadsEpicDuel Defender
Evil OverlordExile
Exile Leader SlayerFamily Matters
FirestarterFlag Captured
Fortune City GruntFriday The 13th
Frost WarriorFrysteland Contract Sergeant
Gamma TesterGladiator
Good Gifter 2016Grand Gifter
Guard HelmHabuki's Visor
HalloWarriorHank's Leg
Hazard Havoc VIPHazard Heart
HealerHeart Breaker
Heart DestroyerHeartcracker
Heroic MemorialHeroSmash VIP
HitmanHome Decorator
Independence DayInfernal Fleet Lieutenant
Infernal SlayerInsomniac
JuggernautKartherax Slayer
Krampus SlayerLandlord
LegionLegion Locker Key
Lore MasterMage Token
Mama's FeastMassacre
Master of DisguiseMechQuest VIP
Mission PossibleMusk Mania VIP
Naomi's KeepsakeNightwraith's Hat
Nightwraith's Nightmare VIPNuclear
Olympic GamesOlympic Games 2012
Omega OverlordOne X Six
Overlord Facility GruntOverlord's Helmet
OverSoul VIPPeace
Pirate Captain HeadProtector
Rabblefroth's TomeRaymus' House Key
Revontheus SlayerRising Star
Seaweed Salad SushiSharpshooter
Single Burger with CheeseSlayer
Slayer ShurikenSnork's Stash VIP
StunSuper Defender
Superior Spore HunterSurvivor
Talk Like a PirateThe Big Game
Titan's HelmTreasure Hunter
Tuna's SurfboardTungsten Fist
Turkey TerminatorUltimate Enhancer
Valestra's Nail PolishValestra's Vault VIP
Vault Breaker IVault Breaker III
Vault Cracker IIIVisionary
War Item DominatorWarhead
Wasteland GruntWaves of Conquest
West Naval Yard GruntWorld Cup
World DominationYear of the Dragon
Yeti for the HolidaysYin Yang

   Barrens Yurt   Biodome Bunker
   Fortune City Efficiency   Fortune City Loft
   Fortune Studio Apartment

Missions Completed
3D Printing
A Box of ScrapsA Cure for the Beast
A Fair HairA Friendly Wager
A Frosty ReceptionA Passer In the Storm
A Platinum MongerA Proper Trap
Access DeniedAdept at the Arcane
Ahead of the CompetitionAlaric and Aldhagrim
All I See Is RedAlms for the Rich
An Endless QuestAntigen
Arachno AnalysisArachno Harvest
Arachno RescueArms for the Poor
Ballistic BunniesBattle Born
Battle BruisedBe Prepared
Beast ModeBeast Versus Boss
Begging for StripsBetrayal in My Veins
Black VariumBlue Orchid
Boost JuiceBreak on Through
Breaking BadBroken Home
Bug BountyBusiness Plan
Cake and BaconCall a Tactician
Chairman ChompedChomp!
Chump KingCircuits and Steel
Cold ComfortComing Home
Cosmic ConnectionsCrackin' Skulls
Dance, Puppets! Dance!Darkish Grey Ops
Dealt a Cruel BlowDeclawed
Deeply RootedDessert
Diamonds and RustDiaspora
Double TroubleDragon's Breath
Drums of WarDummy Hazard
Elegy for a TunaEternal Power
ExterminationFact Checking
Faded MemoriesFamily Matters
Fearless LeaderFemale Troubles
Final PreparationsFinal Shakedown
Fire NightFish Combo Production
Flash and GuileFlora Arrangements
Flower PowerFocus
Focus on the SubjectFood for the Gods
Forever My NemesisFrom the Dark
Further Arachno AnalysisGatekeeper
Gentlemanly FisticuffsGhosts of the Past
Gift of LifeGod Prefers a Heretic
Golden Gun GalGolden Parachute
Greed Is GoodGrinding Gears
Ground Control to Major BunnyGuard Detail
Handle It!Hankering for a Bite
Head-Bashing OpportunityHeart of the Abyss
HeartcrackerHearts on Fire
Hide nor HairHope from the Outside
Human HazardHurts to Heal
Hush a bye Heavy GuardI AM A KRAMPUS
I can haz caek?I Don't Even
ImaginationIncidental Reports
Inside JobInto the Abyss
Just Icing on the CakeKill the King
Kill the QueenKnowledge of the Deep
Lament for the LegionLaw Giver
Let the Colors BurstLet Us Set You Up the Bomb
Lonely Hearts ClubLonely Is The Word
Look! A Distraction!Luau
Magic and ScienceMain Course
Making ReadyMama's Recipe
ManpowerMarket Research
Mindful MageMischief Makers
Mother and ChildNeed More Juice
New AllegianceNo Prayer for the Dying
Not a Good ReasonNotary Public
Nuclear OptionOmega Omelete
OneX6Patience, Please
Point A to Point BPretty Deadly
Promises PromisesProve Your Worth
Pulling ThroughPurify
Rabble's VendettaRage and Grace
Random SpoilsReactor Room
Rebel ScumRefined
Reverse OsmosisRigor Mortis
Rise Against the GuardRusted Joints
Saccharine SentimentsSacrifice
Salt in the WoundSample Set
Science and MagicScrambled Nightmares
Search the ShadowsSee My Vest
Senses CaptureSet the World on Fire
ShrapnelSilence the Gods
Silence the Gods 2Sinergy
Smash the Smash BrosSnow Angels Don't Kill
SnowdropSoup and Salad
Spare TimeSpoils of War
Spring The TrapStick It to the Man
Stony TarkStrategic Maneuvering
Sweet TeethTailor Made
Takes the CakeTea and Titan
The Big Picture (Legion)The Cake Is a Lie
The Doom Came to CharfadeThe Equation of Life
The Horror in the EyesThe Horror in the Water
The Human WallThe Hunt Begins
The Hunter's TestThe Iron Manhunt
The Love We're InThe Madness from the Sea
The MastermindThe Old One
The Opposite of LoveThe Platinum Problem
The Poison Is the CureThe Proposition
The ReckoningThe Shadow Over Tuna
The Short ListThe Torch Passes
The White ShipTime to Upgrade
Tough StuffToxic Love
Training for OblivionTransaction 77782
Trick or TreatTrinkets from the Gods
Turkey TrapTurn the Tide
Twilight of the GodsUnsatisfactory
Unwanted AttentionUp to the Challenge
VerminViva la Resistance
Weapon ForgingWeapons Dealers
What Is Delicious?What's the Plan?
Yin and Yang