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Steel Slayer

    Basic Armor    Beast Rider M
    Delta Knight    Platinum's Pride
    Black Abyss Slayer P    Omega Impaler
    Omega Slayer    Azrael's Anguish E
    Dage's Haunted Boomstick    Soul Raiser
    Super Mecha Cannon    Azrael's Annihilator E
    Platinum Pulverizer    Wraith Cannon E
    Strength Boost x30    Blood Hawk Mutation
    Ten Year Titan    Baby Yeti Warrior
    Black Abyss Bot E    Black Abyss Bot P
    Botanical Borg    Dark Botanical Hazard
    Dark Yeti    Infernal Android E
    Infernal Android P    Botanical Key
    Dravax's Artifact    Old Fortune City Key
    Omega Ticket    Silver Skull Card
    Black Abyss Battlegear P    Infernal Interdictor
    Omega Obliterator    Omega Onslaughter

10 Year AnniversaryAbyssal Exterminator
Administrator 10 SlayerArbor Annihilator
Artillery MasterBacon Cupcake
Barrens Outpost VeteranBattlesuit Model
Big Tuna's SurfboardBio Hazard
Biodome CadetBionic Engineer
Birth of TitanBlood Money
BombadierCaden's Eye
Candy PinCentral Station Veteran
Charfade's HelmetClass Master
CloverDage's Doom VIP
Delta KnightDelta V Defender
DevastatorDragon's Breath
Dread Plains VeteranEbil Crusher
EbilCorp ConquerorEdgar's Eyes
Epic Stylist IIEvil Overlord
ExileExile Leader Slayer
Exile Locker KeyFamily Matters
FirestarterFlag Captured
Fortune City VeteranFriday The 13th
Frost WarriorFrysteland Infantry Officer
HalloWarriorHank's Leg
Hazard HeartHealer
Heart DestroyerHeartcracker
Hunter TokenIndependence Day
Infernal ConquerorInfernal Field Commander
Legendary EnhancerLegion
Legion BaneMage Token
Mama's FeastMassacre
Mercenary TokenMission Possible
Nightwraith's HatOlympic Games 2012
Omega OverlordOverlord Facility Cadet
Overlord's HelmetPeace
Rabblefroth's TomeSlayer Shuriken
Talk Like a PirateTitan's Helm
Token ContributorTreasure Hunter
Tungsten FistTurkey Terminator
Valestra's Vault VIPVault Breaker II
Vault Cracker IIIWar Item Dominator
Wasteland VeteranWest Naval Yard Cadet
World Domination

   Fortune City Efficiency   Infernal Apartment

Missions Completed
283D Printing
A Boss MatchupA Box of Scraps
A Delicious SnackA Friendly Wager
A Platinum MongerA Proper Trap
Access DeniedAlaric and Aldhagrim
All I See Is RedAlms for the Rich
Also Good for CabinetsAn Ounce of Prevention
Arachno AnalysisArachno Harvest
Arachno RescueArmored to the Teeth
Arms for the PoorBad for Business
Bad GourdBattle Born
Battle BruisedBattle Cry
BattleforgedBeast Mode
Beast Versus BossBelladonna
Betrayal in My VeinsBlack Varium
Bomb ImprovementsBoom!
Boost JuiceBORED!
Brawling for BuxBug Bounty
Bunny BlueprintsBusiness Plan
Cake and BaconCarrots for Capensis
Chairman ChompedChomp!
Circuits and SteelCoffee, Tea, or Battle
Crackin' SkullsCrystals and Light
Daddy's Girl's Got a GunDance, Puppets! Dance!
DeclawedDeeply Rooted
Demonic ScienceDessert
District DisastersDon't Cry No More
Double TroubleDragon's Breath
Dummy HazardElegy for the Exiles
ExterminationFacets and Reflections
Fact CheckingFade to Blue
Faded MemoriesFashion Forward
Female TroublesFighting for Fabulous
Fire NightFish Combo Production
Flower PowerFocus
For the Heart I Once HadFractured Memories
Friendly FireFuneral Bells
Further Arachno AnalysisGasket Case
GatekeeperGhost of a Rose
Gift of LifeGirl's Best Friend
Give Up the GhostGolden Gun Gal
Golden ParachuteGood Gourd
Gourd IntermissionGreat Minds
Greed Is GoodGreen Goddess Vinaigrette
Grinding GearsHalcyon Hunters
HazardousHead-Bashing Opportunity
Heart of the AbyssHeartcracker
Hearts on FireHide nor Hair
I can haz caek?I Don't Even
ImaginationImpious Convictions
Incidental ReportsIneptitude and Iniquities
Junkyard PartsJust Icing on the Cake
JuvenaliaKill the Queen
Lagomorphic InnovationsLaw Giver
Let 'em Burn!Let the Colors Burst
Let's Try Science!Lonely Hearts Club
Look! A Distraction!Luau
Main CourseMaking Ready
Mama's RecipeMaster and Commander
Mindful MageMinor Insubordination
Mischief MakersMissionary Mercs
My Heart in Your HandsMy Name Isn't Mike
Need More JuiceNot a Good Reason
Notary PublicOne Tiny Hop
OneX6Paint the Town
Patience, PleasePest Control
Point A to Point BProve Your Worth
PurifyRage and Grace
Random SpoilsReactor Room
Rebel ScumRebranding
RefinedReign in Blood
RestockReverse Osmosis
Rigor MortisRise Against the Guard
Roxy RollerRusted Joints
Saccharine SentimentsSample Set
Science and MagicSecret Sauce
Set the World on FireSeverance Package
Shady DealingsSHINY!
ShrapnelSilence the Gods
Silence the Gods 2Sins of the Father
Smash the Smash BrosSneaky Peaky
SnowdropSoldiers of Fortune
Soup and SaladSpare Time
Spring The TrapStand Guard
Stick It to the ManStony Tark
Sweet TeethTailor Made
Takes the CakeThe Beast Masters
The Big Picture (Exile)The Cake Is a Lie
The Entrance to AvalonThe Human Wall
The Hunter's TestThe Illegal Economy
The Iron ManhuntThe Platinum Problem
The Poison Is the CureThe Poison Was the Cure
The ReckoningThe Unusual Suspects
To the Other SideToxic Love
Training for OblivionTransaction 77782
Trick or TreatTrinkets from the Gods
Triple Dog DareTrustworthy
Turkey TrapTwilight of the Gods
UnsatisfactoryUse as Directed
Viva la ResistanceWailing Wintry Wind
Warming UpWhat Is Delicious?