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Rodney Rude

    Basic Armor    Delta Knight
    Artix's Triumph    Chrono Blade 2017
    Titanite Sword E    Frostbolt Blaster
    Dage's Doom Cannon    Ten Year Titan
    Old Fortune City Key    Titan Warlord P

10 Year AnniversaryAnya's Badge
Caden's WheelCenturion
ChampionClass Master
Dage's Doom VIPDefender
Delta KnightDragon Master
Dragon's Destruction VIPEight Ball
EngineerEpic Conservationist
Epic StylistFamous
Flag CapturedGuard Helm
Hank's LegHealer
Infernal War GruntLegendary Enhancer
Master of DisguiseMirv's Mug
Musk Mania VIPNaomi's Keepsake
Nightwraith's Nightmare VIPOmega Overlord
One Small StepPeace
ProtectorRaymus' House Key
Super DefenderTitan's Triumph VIP
Valestra's Vault VIPVault Breaker III
Yeti for the HolidaysYeti for Winter 2016
Yin Yang

   Fortune City Efficiency

Missions Completed
A Box of Scraps
Access DeniedBerry Holidays
Boost JuiceBusiness Plan
Calming ThoughtsChink in the Supply Chain
Corrupted BeastsCruel Collection
Cutthroat PricesDamaged Goods
Defensive DemolitionEdging Out the Competition
False FuelFashion Disaster
Fire NightFocus
Food For ThoughtFor Freedom!
GatekeeperGolden Gun Gal
Greed Is GoodHunter and the Prey
Juloffenblotten TruceJunkyard Parts
Left For DeadLies and Deceit
Look! A Distraction!Nostalgia
Not a Good ReasonPirate Hunt
Profit MarginsPurify
RestockRighteous Resistance
Rigor MortisRusted Joints
Search for the Primo ShardSearch for the Secondo Shard
Severance PackageSoldier's Test
Spare TimeTake Out the Trash
TakenThe Hunter's Test
The Platinum ProblemThe Proposition
The Unusual SuspectsTin Soldiers
TrashvilleTrick or Treat
Unruly CrisisWar Wounds
Yeti Encounter