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    Azrael's Deathbringer    Beta Cleaver
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    Beta Blaster    Beta Bazooka
    Bunnyzooka    Energy Bunnyzooka
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    Titan's Mug    Beta Brutalizer
    Beta Brutalizer    Omega Obliterator
    Omega Onslaughter

10 Year AnniversaryBeta Tester
Big Tuna's SurfboardCaden's Eye
Candy PinCharfade's Helmet
Class MasterDelta Knight
Delta V DefenderDragon Master
Dragon's BreathEpic Stylist II
Frysteland Junior CadetGamma Tester
HalloWarriorHank's Leg
Legendary EnhancerMage Token
Mama's FeastMaster of Disguise
Mission PossibleOmega Overlord
Overlord's HelmetRabblefroth's Tome
Slayer ShurikenTitan's Helm
Treasure Hunter

   Fortune City Efficiency

Missions Completed
A Frosty Reception
A Frosty ReduxA Frosty Redux 2
Abominable? AdorableAlms for the Rich
Boost JuiceBusiness Plan
DeclawedDeity Stuff
DessertDragon's Breath
Faded MemoriesFemale Troubles
Flower PowerFocus
Golden Gun GalGolden Parachute
Handle It!Head-Bashing Opportunity
High OctaneImagination
Incidental ReportsMain Course
Mama's RecipeMindful Mage
Prove Your WorthPurify
Rage and GraceRandom Spoils
RestockRise Against the Guard
Rusted JointsSaccharine Sentiments
Science and MagicShard Search
Silence the GodsSoup and Salad
Tailor MadeThe Reckoning
The Sound of SilenceTrick or Treat
Trinkets from the GodsTwilight of the Gods
Ultimate Baby YetiWhat Is Delicious?